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About a new client: nif bio

nif bio public benefit nonprofit corporation

nif bio is a public charity, organized and operated exclusively for scientific purposes, as research in life sciences.* You can call 24/7 at +1 307 462 0400. Let us call you - just leave your number when you call! You can live anywhere. You can also drop us a line here.

Creative experimental researchers and analysts

Get research information and expectations from universities and research centers around the world, especially about medicine to repair the damage to underlying diseases of aging. nif bio wants to coordinate research info. is contacting a broad range of creative experimental and applied researchers conducting cutting edge experimental research and translating this into real world benefits.

Creative experimental researchers are often not accepted by society if their experiments are conducted unethically. It is difficult for young new researchers to learn this. This can have an impact on the creative researchers in a social context. It could affect them rest of their lifes. These researchers are among the best, but they need to be accepted again by the society, when they have learned to design their experiments well.

nif bio will help these researchers to consider and respect individuals' rights. If we succeed in this, the world will benefit greatly.

As a donater you can get all info

Just give us your email address at the same time as you donate. You both help others and yourself to live longer in this way. Donate not less than 5 kr. DKK ($ 0,83 USD).

Please contact intadmiservice here with your name, email and message - even if you do not donate now. We can tell you much more. Benefit from our info now and get a long life in the future!

We are up and running and do not need much money to keep working as volunteers. IAS helps us in the most costeffective way. We recommend any company or organization to work with IAS too. Call +1 307 462 0400 and we will call back.

*Research in Biology, Anatomy, Astrobiology, Biochemistry, Biogeography, Biological engineering, Biophysics, Behavioral neuroscience, Biotechnology, Botany Cell biology, Conservation biology, Cryobiology, Developmental biology, Ecology, Ethnobiology, Ethology, Evolutionary biology, Genetics, Gerontology, Immunology, Limnology, Marine biology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Neuroscience, Paleontology, Parasitology, Physiology, Radiobiology, Soil biology, Sociobiology, Systematics, Toxicology and Zoology.

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